Salon in Athens

A historic building in Athens has gotten an upgrade; a new do if you will allow. Transformed into a sort of new-age hair salon, it boasts a very interesting design concept with a communal focus and social proponent. The space is characterized by 130 wooden picture frames, that appear to be randomly placed but in fact form a suspended landscape with mirrors in some providing a nice view of the back of a client’s head. The main space is set up like an art installation on a main stage for passerby to witness. The 520 wires that hold the frames create a mist-like presence between the ceiling and frames. The space was designed by London-based architectural practice Bureau de Change. Athens_Hair_Salon_1 Athens_Hair_Salon_2 Athens_Hair_Salon_3

Athens_Hair_Salon_4 Athens_Hair_Salon_5 Athens_Hair_Salon_6 Athens_Hair_Salon_7 Athens_Hair_Salon_8 Athens_Hair_Salon_9 Athens_Hair_Salon_11


Images courtesy of Olga Koutantou for bureau de change

Via: Adelto

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