Masha Lund

Danish. Russian. Beautiful. She has an elegance that is both substantive and ethereal. Beauty, branding and business blend effortlessy, making Masha Lund a commercial commodity.

Masha_Lund_6Modeling came first, launching a professional career that would eventually span several industries. It was time well spent, the years being immersed in the world of beauty and fashion, being exposed to designers, stylists and make-up artists, shooting in all manner of exotic locations and mansions, all culminating into Masha becoming an adept student of art, interior design and fashion.

Masha_Lund_5Masha_Lund_3 Masha actually was born to model, appearing in TV commercials as a baby for Etrade Bank, baby food brands and Ikea in Denmark and Sweden. As she grew as a person and a model, Masha attended Business College in Denmark and upon completion headed to the United States to continue modeling. Sponsored by Los Angeles based Pacific Talent and Models as a model and actress, she went on to beautify advertising campaigns for RockStar Energy Drink which plastered billboards in close to two dozen cities around the country. A certified cover-girl, FHM, Maxim, People, and Ralph each have used Marsha for the coveted role.

Masha_Lund_1 As Masha’s popularity increased with celebrity spread in Playby and being voted one of FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” she began to appear in films with Jack Black and Carmen Electra. She even popped up in music videos by some of the industries biggest names like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Eminem and D12. European reality show “Danske Hollywoodfruer,” which follows Danish career women and their extraordinary lives in Hollywood. Late night welcomed her with appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Late Late show.

Masha_Lund_4 From fashion to interior design, Masha Lund has taken the things closest to her heart and created a presence. She has become an interior decorator, blogger and endorser for several beauty product lines. Wanting to do more she launched a pet clothing line called Privé Pet (www.Privé appropriatley named after her beloved blue French Bulldog “Blu”. An avid dog lover, she also has two English Bulldogs; “Kingston” and “Apollo” with whom she enjoys an active life in Manhattan, NY.


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