Ceramic Museum And Mosaic Park | Dalian, China

Designed by Dutch firm Casanova + Hernandez Architects, the Ceramic Museum and Mosaic Park are located in Dalian, China, an extension of Jinzhou. Experimenting with the concept of cultural hybridization, with broken ceramic pieces that evoke the Roman Empire’s tradition of the past with the geometry of the park taking cues from 10th century Song Dynasty in Asia reminding people of the Jinzhou region’s history of ceramic and porcelain¬†production.cm_081113_01.jpg cm_081113_02.jpg cm_081113_03-940x626.jpg cm_081113_04.jpg cm_081113_05.jpg cm_081113_06.jpg cm_081113_07.jpg cm_081113_08.jpg cm_081113_09.jpg cm_081113_10.jpg cm_081113_11.jpg cm_081113_12.jpg cm_081113_13.jpg cm_081113_14.jpg cm_081113_16.jpg cm_081113_17.jpg cm_081113_18.jpg cm_081113_19.jpg cm_081113_20.jpg cm_081113_21.jpg cm_081113_22.jpg

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