Cayman Island

Few countries are able to match the standard of living experienced by those who live in the Cayman Islands.  As a British-governed territory, Grand Cayman is recognized as one of the world’s largest banking centers with first class scuba diving and watersports.

The Cayman Islands are one of the cleanest, safest and most relaxing travel destinations in the Caribbean. Abundant amenities, combined with low crime, modern infrastructure and sophisticated communications have created an enviable lifestyle in this laid back tropical paradise. The local real estate market has proven much more stable than the United States and other countries during the recent economic downturn.  There are norestrictions on foreign ownership in the Cayman Islands.
The Cayman Islands Government guarantees title which allows purchasers to invest with confidence.  Cayman has a modern land registry system, based on the Torrens system, making transfer simple and quick.  The registry is backed by a government guarantee which insures safe and protected property transactions.  A one time stamp duty is all the realestate tax you will ever pay.  The Cayman tax benefits mean: No income tax,  No real estate tax, No capital gains and No inheritance tax.

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