Andrea Hunt

I love horror movies. A really good horror film will touch your primal parts. Fear, sex, adventure, pain, pleasure and even hope. One of the most important parts for the genre are the cute unsuspecting girls whom we hate to see slaughtered or the sexy heroine who escapes after defeating the killer or killers. Andrea Hunt is a model and actress starring in “WTF!” a horror film in which she stars alongside Sarah Agor (Scream Queens), Callie Ott (The Horror) and Perez Hilton.

Andrea also stars in a psychological thriller Awaken the Snowman with whom she stars Jean Smart (Designing Women) and Robert R. Shafer (The Office). The blonde haired actress with the beautiful eyes has guest starred in one of my favorite sitcoms, Fox’s Grandfathered starring John Stamos. Look out for Andrea in th upcoming thriller, “The Ones Above”.

ANDREA HUNT is an actress and model based in Los Angeles, who graduated from the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.

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