X-pres Yourself

By simply looking at the images we have before us, it can be a bit hard to believe that they’re about hair, but they are. With a pronounced fashion-centric photographic approach, Madrid based creative studio X-Presion takes the presentation of it’s hair designs beyond… hair. We at S.C.L. found ourselves attracted to the cultural implications of the visually captivating collections. X_presion_1

X_presion_2 X_presion_3 X_presion_4 X_presion_5 X_presion_6 X_presion_7 X_presion_9 X_presion_10

Original Description:  Dedicated to investigation, innovation and creation of new techniques and aesthetic patronos, we use elements of various artistic disciplines to present spectacular collections that mix in equal doses formation and emotions.
X_presion_13 X_presion_15 X_presion_16 X_presion_19 X_presion_20 X_presion_21 X_presion_23 X_presion_25 X_presion_26 X_presion_27



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