Under Restaurant | Norway

Your dining experience shouldn’t be limited to the food and the immediate setting such intimate or open. Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta has taken the opportunity to truly enhance your gastronomical excursions. On the coast of the southern tip of Norway, their restaurant, “Under” doubles as a marine-life research center in addition to being Europe’s first underwater restaurant. The focus of the research is the biodiversity of the Norwegian coastline and the Lindesnes region. As time passes, the half-sunken structure is expected to truly become one with it’s natural surroundings. It’s walls are made of concrete not only for the purpose of protection from the rugged sea  in which it sits five meters below the water’s surface where large acrylic windows allow views of the ever-changing sea-bed but also to allow mussels to attach to it’s coarse finish; later creating an artificial mussel reef. 

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