Tokyo Highest Rooftop Bar Re-imagined

With a new refurbished interior, designed by Japanese designer, Shinichiro Ogata, the 52nd floor of Japan’s Andaz Tokyo Hotel‘s Rooftop Bar and sushi counter has re-opened. A re-imagined visage of traditional Japanese architecture the main area of the bar is separated into three different spaces, the high counter bar, intimate lounge and the open air terrace. Specially crafted cocktails infused with premium teas and fresh seasonal fruits, domestic draft beers, premium champagnes and fine sakes make up the drink menu. For the apetite, the menu is composed of late-night comfort foods and of course authentic Sushi from the adjacent Sushi counter. Stop by the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon. tokyo-rooftop-bar-andaz-adelto_00 tokyo-rooftop-bar-andaz-adelto_01 tokyo-rooftop-bar-andaz-adelto_02-910x910 tokyo-rooftop-bar-andaz-adelto_03 tokyo-rooftop-bar-andaz-adelto_05 tokyo-rooftop-bar-andaz-adelto_06 tokyo-rooftop-bar-andaz-adelto_07

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