The Emerson Sofa

Jory Brigham is a unique furniture designer, who has all the makings of one of the greats. His idealistic approach to design incorporates the lessons learned from a childhood immersed the lives of woodworkers and craftsmen. A prodigal child, Jory developed a passion that could only be expressed through hand tools and raw materials. He doesn’t prefer the mechanized approach of today’s industry. “Success, for me, is knowing I’ve done everything possible to give each piece a voice and it’s own personality,” he states boldly from his website. Here we have his Emerson Sofa. Take a look.  Emerson Sofa EmersonSofa_2 EmersonSofa_3 EmersonSofa_4 EmersonSofa_5 EmersonSofa_6 EmersonSofa_7 EmersonSofa_8 EmersonSofa_9

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