Seasonal Mint and Vegetable Risotto

With Italians being known for their cooking, it should come as no surprise when they make a simple dish that has the presence of a chef’s special. Venice -based cook and writer, Skye McAlpine took time to post to her blog, “From My Dining Table,” this wonderfully light dish. Seasonal Mint & Vegetable Risotto risotto-dining-table-12 risotto-dining-table-13 risotto-dining-table-17



1 onion
100g butter
2 tbsps olive oil
600g arborio rice (risotto rice)
250ml white wine
small bunch (roughly 20 stems) of fresh asparagus
I medium courgette
120g fresh garden peas
1.2l vegetable stock
60g grated parmesan
small bunch of fresh mint


For preparation instructions visit:

Via: Trendland

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