Quadrofoil Electric Watercraft

Silent but incredibly efficient, the eco-friendly, and stylish Quadrofoil Electric Watercraft is a personal water-treading vehicle that utilizes C-foil technology which reduces water-resistance and allows for more buoyancy.  The insect-like legs are for anti-collision, a hollow-hull that makes the Quadrofoil unsinkable, life jackets and paddles come for safety concerns. The all-electric, battery-operated outboard motor pushes to about 25 miles an hour or 21 knots.

Quadrofoil 1 Quadrofoil 2 Quadrofoil 3 Quadrofoil 5 Quadrofoil 6 Quadrofoil 7 Quadrofoil 8 Quadrofoil 9 Quadrofoil 10 Quadrofoil 11

Quadrofoil 4

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