Much Needed Subsidiary Structure

When a family and its business grow, a decision has to be made. Fortunately, at this Australian property in the Illawarra region, the company became a substantial entity and therefore required additional accommodations. A secondary structure was designed with biophilic intent. Clients enjoy a separate office area that allows for extended stays.

With “true sustainability” representing the project’s calling, you will find rooftop gardens with indigenous Australian plants that camouflage the house against the landscape. A 60-year-old Pepper Tree anchors the property. The tree canopy deck is perfect as the new construction is elevated amongst the Pepper Tree’s own awning. Designed by Alexander Symes, extensive timber, salvaged and ‘waste’ material was used throughout, ultimately reducing environmental impingement. Wonderful views of Mount Kembla to the west hint at the property’s connection to the nature that surrounds it.