Ironwood Cast Iron Skillet

For centuries the cast iron skillet has been one of cooking’s prerequisites for optimal rendering of the food we so dearly love. It gives our food a certain undeniable flavor while also providing the ever-important mineral iron to many of our dishes. Food tends to cook faster and better, something no one would deny, and nothing has changed; even it’s shape is iconic. Strand Design has been kind enough to upgrade this iconic cooking staple. 

Welcome Ironwood. The handle is longer and comes with a wooden spatula that fits neatly into it. A wooden trivet also part of the package allowing the skillet to be placed on tables for presentations and dining centerpieces. Ironwood comes pre-seasoned, it’s thinner and lighter and heats up faster. Designed with the home chef in mind, the skillet is easily transferable from the kitchen to the table which is great for entertaining friends.

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