Embrace the Unknown with The 2015 BMW X 1

The new BMW X1 has been unveiled prior to it’s official release this fall. Replaced is the longitudinal engine design with a space-saving transverse layout therefore increase interior space. It also takes on a more rugged look than its predecessor. 

BMW_X1_2015_1 BMW_X1_2015_01 BMW_X1_2015_2 BMW_X1_2015_3 BMW_X1_2015_5 BMW_X1_2015_6 BMW_X1_2015_7 BMW_X1_2015_8 BMW_X1_2015_9 BMW_X1_2015_10 BMW_X1_2015_12 BMW_X1_2015_13 BMW_X1_2015_15


Photography by:Thomas Strogalski

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