E.Leclerc Shopping Mall

La Teste-de-Buch, France is where design firm Atelier REC has taken a decidedly different approach to the image of a shopping mall. Shopping malls are not usually designed with any sustainable agenda.The alternative design seen here addresses economical efficiency and environmental impact. The design is inspired from the Arcachonnaise style of the surrounding landscape. The building has low energy consumption and the wavy design provides a 30% decrease in energy required, CO2 materials were utilized in construction and the building is divided into four sections in order to reduce the greenhouse effect. Shopping and saving never meant more than now.

E.Leclerc Shopping Mall 2 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_ 4 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_3 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_5 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_6 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_7 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_8E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_15E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_16E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_9 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_10 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_11 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_12 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_13 E.Leclerc_Shopping_Mall_14 el Shopping Mall

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