CASA Milan, AC Milan Headquaters

Fabio Novembre, a Milan, Italy based architectural design firm has taken up the task of creating the perfect environment for the new AC Milan location in the Portello area of Milan. “The new building stands as a manifesto of the three key points of the new history of the club; men, motion and emotion,” says the architects of Casa Milan. Take a look. 

ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_21-910x910ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_03 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_04 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_05-910x910 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_06 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_07 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_08 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_09 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_11 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_14 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_16-910x910 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_17 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_18 ac-milan-headquarters-design-adelto_20

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