Canary Wharf Crossrail Rooftop Gardens

Proposed to be so much more, London’s new Crossrail train system at Canary Wharf, once one of the busiest ports in the world, is now partially open to the public. A contemporary rooftop garden recently opened, allowing visitors. With a 2018 full opening scheduled, the visually stunning structure will have four levels of shops, cafes and restaurants with pavilions and seating interspersed throughout protected by a partially-enclosed timber lattice roof. The design is from London-based architects Foster + PartnersCANARY WHARF CROSSRAIL ROOFTOP GARDENS contemporary-rooftop-gardens-canary-wharf-crossrail-london-adelto_01 contemporary-rooftop-gardens-canary-wharf-crossrail-london-adelto_02 contemporary-rooftop-gardens-canary-wharf-crossrail-london-adelto_03 contemporary-rooftop-gardens-canary-wharf-crossrail-london-adelto_05



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