Bottega Veneta


Okay, I’ve finally been inspired by a show to break free from my three-word runway review format. I just watched the Bottega Veneta show.  It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I loved the show because I always love the show; I worship the ground that Tomas Maier walks upon.  But halfway through the slideshow on, I came across the photo I posted above and it occured to me that I just saw something new.  You know how often I can say that while actually being happy about what I just saw?  Almost never!
It was the legwear that got me.  That slouchy sock tucked into a matching pump gave the look what clothing probably should give a woman in autumn — some protection from the elements — while also creating a seriously sexy yet curiously modest vibe.  These are the kind of clothes that turn the heads of both women and men for all the right reasons.



It’s funny how something as simple as a sock can elevate a look into something so much sexier than anything I’ve seen all season, but it did.  I know this because I know a secret about guys that fashion seems to have forgotten: men like legwear on women.  I’m not talking about jeggings or thick woolen tights.  I’m not talking about Pucci-printed leggings or ripped-up fishnets.  I’m talking about sexy, silky stockings that endow the woman wearing them with a sense of propriety — something bare legs, a streaky spray-tan and a pair of gladiator sandals could never do.


I’m going to cross my fingers and pray to Zob that this is where fashion is going.  I don’t really give a rat’s ass about propriety, but if I have to look at another woman with scrawny chicken legs nearly freezing to death in the middle of winter because she believes that bare legs are stylish, I’m going to intervene.  So if you find yourself pinned down by an incomprehensibly gorgeous woman as she tries to stuff you into a pair of pantyhose, remember that you only have yourself to blame.

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