Acres & Plots | O&M Dogpatch – San Francisco, Ca

The Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco, like many industrial hubs throughout the country, has gone through some changes. A historic waterfront, half industrial, half residential with a diverse assortment of boutiques, galleries, lofts, and restaurants. Let’s have a look at one of the neighborhood’s exciting places to live. O&M Dogpatch.

The O&M Dogpatch apartment complex is a sign-of-the-times. Designed by San Francisco renowned architects Peter Pfau and Owen Kennerly, is comprised of two buildings they call “reciprocals.” Owen Kennerly designed “Building M” named after its shape and Peter Pfaus is responsible for the design of “Building O.”

From either of the two roof-decks, residents enjoy 360-degree views, fire pits, practice yoga, sit back lounge, read or watch an outdoor movie or even host a BBQ for family and friends. The Arts Plaza is an 8,000sf arts-concentrated public plaza where neighbor gathers for local festivities. Noon is an on-site cafe from the owners of award-winning Piccino. The apartment complex is pet-friendly where you can even be paired up with a neighborhood dog-walker.

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